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MARCH 2020

  • 01 March   Gus Coney   “Get A Grip-pa”   Download
  • 08 March   Gus Coney  I Want to be a Grace Carrier”   Download
  • 15 March   Keren Coney   “Let the River Flow”   Download


  • 02 February   Gus Coney   “Sent to be Kind”   Download
  • 09 February   Keren Coney   “Knowing & Going”   Download
  • 16 February   Gus Coney   “Paul in Athens”   Download *
  • 23 February   Gus Coney   “A Little is Not Nothing”   Download

    *Please note after 31 mins there is change in the audio quality due to the batteries running out and the remainder is from the room microphone which contains background noise.


  • 05 January  Gus Coney  “Breakthrough is in Your Mouth”   Download
  • 12 January  Gus Coney  “Stat-Ue Bro?”   Download
  • 19 January  Gus Coney  “Building Muscle”   Download
  • 26 January  Gus Coney  “GO!”   Download



  • Sunday 01 December   Gus Coney  “God is Health”   Download
  • Sunday 08 December   Gary Gibbs  “Come to Jesus”   Download
  • Sunday 15 December   Gus Coney  “Jacob’s Staff”   Download
  • Sunday 22 December   James Ricketts  “Jesus at the Centre”   Download



  • Sunday 03 November   Gus Coney  “What’s Your Story?” Part 1   Download
  • Sunday 10 November   Gus Coney  “What’s Your Story?” Part 2   Download
  • Sunday 17 November   Gus Coney  “Testimony in Jacob”   Download
  • Sunday 24 November   James Ricketts  “Promises, Promises”   Download



  • Sunday 06 October   Gus Coney  “We Only Recognise What We Are Looking For”   Download
  • Sunday 13 October   Gus Coney  “We Must Sleep to Awaken”   Download
  • Sunday 20 October   Gus Coney  “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”   Download
  • Sunday 27 October   Carol Burstow  “Removing the Stones”   Download


MAN 5 CONFERENCE  –  Saturday 19 October 2019

  • Philip Evans  “Breaking Free from a Poverty Spirit”   Download
  • James Ricketts  “What Kind of Man are You?”   Download
  • Simon Ricketts  “Relationships”   Download
  • Ash Webb  Marriage Testimony”   Download
  • Gus Coney  “Worldly Man or a Man for this World”   Download



  • Sunday 08 September   Gus Coney  “Meditation is Medication”   Download
  • Sunday 15 September   Gus Coney  “It’s Poor to Have no Regard for the Poor”   Download
  • Sunday 22 September   Gus Coney  “It all Begins with an Appetite for Life”   Download
  • Sunday 29 September   Keren Coney  “Are You Serving the Lord in Your Generation?”   Download